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Recommended Tools and Equipment

These recommendations are my personal maintenance tools. I am not sponsored by any of these manufacturers so the recommendations are purely from my first hand experience.

Detailed reviews in the blog are coming soon!

Harbor Freight Tools - DAYTONA

Model: DS300LR
MSRP: $199.99
A great floor jack with excellent lifting power and easy maneuverability. Definitely recommend this jack especially during special sales where there are bigger discounts available.


Model: 32225B
MSRP (pair): $202.44
Significantly exceeds the weight requirement for any Toyota 4Runner, these jack stands give the ultimate peace of mind. Don't risk your life with cheaply welded jacks - we know that those have the potential to fail. These jacks are a big investment but will last a lifetime.


Model: MX2320
MSRP: $24.95
Do not risk damaging the threads in the oil filter cartridge, use this high quality tool. Another tool which will last a lifetime.


Model: 80546
MSRP: $11.40
Don't ask me, but this magnetic spark plug socket is far superior to other sockets with smaller magnets or with rubber grips. A great tool which works well for the 4Runner's spark plug changes.

Hand and Impact Sockets & Ratchets

Harbor Freight Tools - ICON

While this is just my opinion, the ICON tools from Harbor Freight are excellent quality for the DIY'er. Highly recommend the swivel head ratchet, stubby ratchet, and breaker bar in addition to the socket sets.

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