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Rig Upgrades

From must-have functional fixes to aesthetic improvements and luxury finishes, this section details some of the many upgrades you can perform to your own rig.

Detailed reviews in the blog are coming soon!


Model: T9
MSRP: $525
Bring modern technology into your 4Runner with this nice unit from CarTrimHome. This unit adds an Android platform that can be used for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Although the instructions are lacking and the shipping from overseas can take time, there is a great community of users on Facebook which is a great resource during installation problems/questions.

2014+ Taillight Assembly Swap


Model: See review for all part numbers needed
MSRP (pair): $594.30
I am a big fan of the 2014-current rear tail lamp style and wanted to retrofit my 2010 Limited. No rewiring needed, just an extra harness and you can get the newer OEM look.

Exterior Handles Replacement


Model: See review for all part numbers needed
MSRP: $324.04
The exterior chrome handles of the 4Runner are extremely prone to cracking over time. As a significant touch and feel element of your rig, replace your handles today.


Model: 5th Gen Front & Back

MSRP: $250
If you want to add robustness to your sway bar links without adding extra cost, the Overland Custom Design sway bar links are very easy to install and will give you peace of mind and savings compared to the OEM option.

Hand and Impact Sockets & Ratchets

Harbor Freight Tools - ICON

While this is just my opinion, the ICON tools from Harbor Freight are excellent quality for the DIY'er. Highly recommend the swivel head ratchet, stubby ratchet, and breaker bar in addition to the socket sets.

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